Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anoop Dog Is In The Top Ten On American Idol!

Anoop's going on tour! This is the first easy show for Anoop. Congratulations Anoop and congratulations to the Anoop Dog Pound for voting our man through to the top ten. Now, it's on to the title!

If you missed Anoop's fantastic performance from last night, you can watch it here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

VIDEO: Here's Anoop's Performance From Tonight Singing Always On My Mind

Here's our man's fantastic performance of Willie Nelson's Always On My Mind from tonight's American Idol Round of 11 show. You did a great job Anoop Dog! Go here for the judges comments and to download the MP3 of his performance.

Ryan Seacrest Gives Oprah A Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of The Set Of American Idol 8

In between voting for Anoop tonight, take a look at this video from Oprah. Ryan gave Oprah and her audience a behind-the-scenes tour of the set of American Idol 8. Check out Simon's camper compound he's got in the back. Guess it's no secret who runs this show, huh?

Don't forget to vote for Anoop! Enjoy the video.

Anoop Dog Singing Willie Nelson's Always On My Mind In The Round Of Eleven

Anoop Dog is Back and he's better than ever! Anoop sang Willie Nelson's Always On My Mind (click here to watch his performance), and he freaking nailed it! Everyone from the judges to the crowd absolutely loved it. Here are comments from the judges:

Paula: Anoop is Back! I'm so proud of you. The song fit you like a glove. Your vocals are awesome. Tender, honest, amazing...

(Best comment of the four) Simon: You went from zero to hero. Favorite of the night! Good for you for taking a beating and I take back the don’t deserve crap. Welcome back Anoop Dog!!!

Randy: “Anoop Dog - you’re the bomb. Dope arrangement.

Kara: Classic song and you nailed it. Best of the night!

Ryan: Were you surprised?

And then the best comment from the Anoop'r: Nope. I got this!

Click here for the MP3 Video and Audio version of Anoop's performance tonight as well as the other ten finalists.

Vote for Anoop: 1-866-436-5709 or AT&T Mobile (only): Text VOTE to 5709

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Thank you Anoop fans! You did it. Anoop made it through! He's on to the Round of Eleven.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anoop's Top 13 Performance Singing Michael Jackson's Beat It

Anoop chose to sing Michael Jackson's Beat It. Before hearing the judges remarks, this was the first performance from Anoop that I wasn't thrilled with. He was energetic, but unfortunately, the "Beat It" chorus lines just didn't sound too good. Anoop's enthusiasm tried to rescue the performance, but it was probably the wrong song choice for him. I didn't think he did that bad though. His stage presence was great.

The comments from the judges:

Paula said he shouldn't have chosen this song because it's untouchable and he sounded kinda karaoke.

Simon hated it. He said it was horrible and lacked aggression. It was karaoke and stupid, and it was like trying to be like MJ but failing.

Randy agreed with Paula and Simon. Wrong choice Anoop Dog. Very karaoke and you've got more than that.

Kara said it was a bad song because he had no variations and no riffs. It was flat.

Ryan asked Simon if he thinks it was a mistake to bring Anoop in as #13 and he said, "After that, yes."

Anoop asked for us to bring him back so he can sing another song. I agree with Anoop. It's up to us. Anoop is much better than this performance. We have to give him a chance to redeem himself.

Video of Anoop Singing Beat It.

MP3 of Anoop Singing Beat It

Videos and MP3's of all the performances tonight

Vote for Anoop: 1-866-436-5708

Thursday, March 5, 2009

MP3 of Anoop Dog's Performance of Bobby Brown's My Prerogative From American Idol 8's Wildcard Show

Anoop did a fantastic job tonight performing Bobby Brown's My Prerogative. This is the second time Anoop's performed this song. See his first performance here. has the video of Anoop's performance tonight.

Go to iTunes to download Anoop's performance as well as the other wildcard performers' performances.

Anoop Dog Made It! He's Lucky #13!

They saved it to the last. Matt got the last spot.... but then Simon says, "Anoop, we decided to make it a top 13 this year... ANOOP DOG IS STILL IN THE HOUSE!!!!!

Congratulations Anoop! We love you man! Here we go folks. Anoop is on his way to becoming the next American Idol!

Will Anoop Get the Final Wildcard Slot on American Idol?

0 comments's 8:58 est pm and it's a commercial break. There's only one spot left. Will Anoop get it? Stay tuned....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

VIDEO: Anoop Dog Will Be Singing Tomorrow Night On The American Idol Wildcard Show

Anoop was the last one chosen tonight to sing tomorrow night in the wild card show. Let's go Anoop Dog fans! Anoop is back. It's going to be tense tomorrow night because they're already top heavy with guys in the top 12. I was just listening to Rickey from chatting with MJ and Jim, and they think Anoop will be the only guy chosen tomorrow. Let's hope so. We'll see...


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